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  • Interart Theatre, NYC, opened October, 2014


“Electrifying….  A beautiful journey through a beautiful mind….  A wild ride.” –  Jim Taylor, CBS radio

“Jessica Burr does a fantastic job directing and choreographing this ensemble and creating a space for dynamic and unapologetic story telling with all of the tools at her disposal. She invites the audience to experience a world that encompasses all of the senses.” – Leta Tremblay, NY Theatre Now

“Under Jessica Burr’s well-wrought and well-choreographed direction, Lying is an actor’s tour de force.” – Howard Miller, Talkin’ Broadway

“Jessica Burr is a fascinating director: endlessly inventive, visually exciting. She is an innovator when it comes to combining music and choreography, and the results can be transformative.


“Burr can evoke emotions through the use of music and employ an industrial-sized fan in a witty, olfactory way. In short, she has a lot of room, and knows how to use every inch.


“That is a testament to Director Jessica Burr and her talented cast. Lying may actually be about a liar, a thief, a manipulator, a sociopath: Burr made me care about her. And that is no lie.” – Lisa Del Rosso, One Magazine

“This one of a kind production, focusing on a deceitful protagonist, features powerful performances and surreal staging….  The production is surprisingly hilarious….

…under the skillful guidance of Jessica Burr….They tackle the physical demands of such an unusually staged production: hanging from rafters, having acrobatic sex in corners, and slipping in and out of dance numbers. – Adrienne Urbanski, Theatre is Easy

“This is a journey into the depths of mental illness that will make you uncomfortable, if not incredulous of your own sanity. That this tragic topic can be lovingly rendered humorous is a testament…


“I’m not even sure several viewings would allow you to fully unravel the rich multi-sensory tableau that director and choreographer Jessica Burr has constructed for your consideration. But you’ll sure have a great time trying.” –  Richard Oceguera, Flavor Pill

“Crafty, thought-provoking, and superbly well played and staged…streaked with intelligence and controlled passion… a cornucopia of carefully tuned theatrical artifice, the details of which I shouldn’t give away.” – Jon Sobel,

“Blessed Unrest has always been an exciting company, but with this production they have pushed their explorations to even deeper and more complex territory.” – Mark Savitt, HI Drama

“…delightful staging by Jessica Burr… all five performers are kinetic and a joy to watch… One can’t look away from her or this lovely production.” – Dmitry Zvonkov, Stage and Cinema

Lying is a fantastic journey… both a compelling medical drama and a sensual feast….  Director and Choreographer Jessica Burr brings to life a captivating story… No moment is left undefined, as Lauren searches for the truth that is deeper than facts.” – Marcina Zaccaria, Theatre Pizzazz

Production CREDITS

Written by Matt Opatrny, based on the metaphorical memoir by Lauren Slater

Directed & Choreographed by Jessica Burr

Production Stage Manager Jaimie Van Dyke
Featuring Rich Brown, Charise Greene, Jessica Ranville, Sonia Villani, Nathan Richard Wagner

Scenic Design Neal Wilkinson

Costume Design Summer Lee Jack

Lighting Design Jason Jeunnette

Sound Design Nicholas Foster

Publicist David Gibbs/DARR Publicity

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