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  • New Ohio Theatre, NYC, opened March 2018


"Director Jessica Burr’s fast-paced yet thoughtful staging includes overlapping dialogue, rapid entrances and exits all over the space and striking visual flourishes. Ms. Burr’s tremendous grasp of stagecraft markedly benefits the play. The performances are uniformly delightful.” - Darryl Reilly, TheaterScene.Net

"Jessica Burr, once again ushers the audience through vivid atmospheres... Guiding her talented actors, she constructs her show on the foundation of an impressive and connected ensemble.” - Hazen Cuyler, TheatrePizzazz

“A gutsy, high-velocity production that resonates with both the age of the author and our own, whether the subject is gender, guns, class, or the desire for meaning, which is perennial.” - John Osburnt,

“This crisply directed production tosses the audience in in medias res and sweeps it along, the overlapping dialogue reflecting the web of the characters' entanglements, and the continuous action is itself Shakespearean in its unbroken flow across a bare stage.” - Leah Richards and John Ziegler,

"Staged in the round with just the barest border between players and audience, director Jessica Burr places us in the center of Platonov’s chaotic swirl. The actors’ quick, circuitous entrances and exits, often as characters of differing ages, statuses, or genders, amplify the play’s rampant partner switching and breakdown of established social schemas.”  - Emily Cordes, Theatre is Easy

Platonov is a rare example of overt onstage undertones in Chekhov, exhibiting a much different mood than the restrained privacy of his later work. Director Jessica Burr highlights this progressive simmering, discernibly encouraging her ensemble to push both physical and emotional boundaries.” - Elizabeth Glasure,


Click below to listen to a "Go See A Show" podcast of Jessica Burr discussing the process of creating Platonov.

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Production CREDITS

Written by Anton Chekhov, translated and adapted by Laura Wickens
Directed & Choreographed by Jessica Burr 
Featuring: Irina Abraham, Ashley N. Hildreth, Javon Q. Minter, Becca Schneider, Darrell Stokes, Taylor Valentine

Production Stage Manager: Darielle Shandler

Set Design: Matt Opatrny, Teddy Jefferson, Anna Alisa Belous

Costume Design: Sarah Thea

Lighting Design: Miriam Nilofa Crowe

Sound Design: Fan Zhang

Dramaturg: Jessi Blue Gormezano

Fight Choreographer & Assistant Director: Ben Peterson

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