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  • Next Door @ New York Theatre Workshop, NYC, opened June 2018


"A high stakes, adrenaline fueled ‘piece’... Director Jessica Burr has created an action-packed, attention-grabbing, chase of a play where we feel like we are in an ongoing, POV (point of view) shot. It is like we are personally experiencing the different character’s increased heart rate propelling them from one dangerous moment to the next."  – Jaci De Villiers,

"The new revival, directed by Jessica Burr for the consistently excellent Blessed Unrest, encourages interrogation through a production that is smart, fast-paced, funny, and heartfelt.  This Is Modern Art examines the power of this art form with exuberantly infectious energy.” – Leah Richards and John Ziegler, Culture Catch

"This is a play to be reckoned with... There isn’t a dull moment in the production, with director Jessica Burr applying Blessed Unrest’s kinesthetic style to this electrifying play. The cast also gives a breathtaking performance that makes the production a transformative experience." – Ran Xia, Exeunt Magazine

"Blessed Unrest's production is full of movement and energy, and the actors, particularly Tolliver, treat every moment with trembling intensity.”  – Helen Shaw, Time Out New York

“Compelling. The excellent ensemble under Jessica Burr’s direction examines many viewpoints about art and culture which often enough are not heard in the mainstream media.” – Ed Malin, Theater in the Now

“Each of their scenes – whether they are breaking the fourth wall or engaged in a moment of naturalism – crackles with the energy of creation, passion, rawness, anger, respect for their craft and one another, and the love of beauty.”  – Tony Pennino, The Modernist Beat

“…the direction (Jessica Burr) is creative and smooth. …This Is Modern Art is fascinating and exciting. And their painting of the actual piece is beautifully depicted. I also love shows that give us complex, real people dealing with complex, real lives--and that do all of the above really, really well. Simply put, this is a must-see.”  – Wendy Caster, Show Showdown


Click below to listen to a "Go See A Show" podcast of Jessica Burr discussing the process of creating This Is Modern Art

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Production CREDITS

Written by Idris Goodwin & Kevin Coval
Directed & Choreographed by Jessica Burr 
Featuring J.Stephen Brantley, Andrew Gonzalez, Ashley N. Hildreth, Nancy McArthur, Shakur Tolliver, Landon G. Woodson

Production Stage Manager Darielle Shandler

Set Design Matt Opatrny

Scenic Artist KEO XMEN

Costume Design Haydee Zelideth 

Lighting Design Miriam Nilofa Crowe

Sound Design Adrian Bridges

Assistant Director Ben Peterson

Publicist PR-ism, Kamila Slawinski & Ivan Talijancic

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